Neomounts NSLC200

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Neomounts NSLC200


Overheating as a result of prolonged use will significantly damage the stability, efficiency and the lifespan of your laptops. NC is designed to quickly reduce and maintain an optimal temperature of your laptop so that it stays cool all the time. The ARCTIC NC instantly cools down your laptop with its dual silent fans which supply superior airflow to ensure that heat escapes quickly from your laptop. The ARCTIC NC elevates your laptop slightly to provide a comfortable typing and viewing angle. You can say goodbye to back and shoulder strains after using your laptop for prolonged period of time. You will simply feel great after using your laptop. ARCTIC NC is designed for laptop users who are looking for an efficient laptop cooler that occupies as little space as possible. This laptop cooler is very easy to store, carry and use - rendering it as an ideal travel companion for your laptop. While the ARCTIC NC is connected to one of your USB ports on your laptop, you can still enjoy the freedom of connecting up to four USB devices to the laptop cooler.

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